By always acting upon the wishes and needs of their guests, the Altenberger family has slowly made the Krallerhof into what it is today: a house where traditional values meet innovation and future. In 2023, the Krallerhof is once again reinventing itself without ever losing sight of its beginnings. From spring onwards, a state-of-the-art spa awaits the hotels’ guests in Leogang: a building that is in harmony with the surrounding landscape, with water at its centre, creating an atmosphere unique to Austrian scenery. 

For our guests, very personal highlights with the Altenberger family are awaiting during the soft opening from the 2nd until the 6th of April 2023.

Impressions and first impressions:

A whole new Krallerhof world awaits us.


Close to nature. Far away from everyday life.

This is what awaits us:
Rotunda with Alpine Zen Garden and Water Stairs

The alpine Zen garden and the extraordinary water staircase, with its characteristic splashing, together form the centre of the rotunda.

Natural bathing lake

The 5,500 m2 natural bathing lake means even more biodiversity for the nature around the Krallerhof. A plant belt has been created on one third of the water surface.

The special feature: The bathing lake was only filled once with our own house spring, the natural cycle of evaporation and precipitation regulates the water level by itself. 

Our youngest guests are also welcome in the designated family area at the natural bathing lake.

Infinity 50

The 50-metre-long infinity pool, which is seamlessly integrated into the lake, is the perfect place to swim in Olympic dimensions all year round.

Sun deck and circular walk

The spacious sun terrace invites you to relax. The circular path that frames the entire lake offers completely new perspectives on nature and the mountain world.

Cold dipping pool

The plunge pool with a view of the Steinerne Meer offers cold refreshment after a sauna session.


FINNISH SAUNA - 80 -100 °C

Separated by a glass pane, the two saunas offer a unique panoramic view of the Leogang mountains.

STEAM BATH - approx. 50 °C
A minimalistic room with organically polished white marble.

INFRASAL ROOM - approx. 40-45 °C
White Himalayan salt stone, fine brine mist and infrared loungers give this room its extraordinary character. 

Combined with heat, this room is the most innovative form of Kneipp - a modern interpretation of cold therapy.

Separate sauna area for ladies with separate showers.

Relaxation room

With an extraordinary view to the local mountains. The room is equipped with a special ventilation system, especially suitable for allergy sufferers.

Blue Grotto

A very special room. Simply let it take effect on you.


A whirlpool pool in the lake.

Yoga room

With a view at the "Steinernes Meer", the room offers an extraordinary, energetic atmosphere for daily yoga sessions.

Café am See

In our Café am See, the boundaries between the interior and nature are fluid thanks to the retractable glass facade. A whole new view opens up over the lake and the mountains.

Adults only

ATMOSPHERE by Krallerhof is an Adults Only area from the age of 15 years. In the designated family area at the natural bathing lake, our youngest guests are also very welcome.


The everyday life of modern man is overflowing with sensory impressions of all kinds. The world is spinning faster and people are under a constant current. ATMOSPHERE by Krallerhof is a place to counteract precisely this speed. The feeling of space, the generosity, the organic design language of the architecture, the reduced colour world of the materials and furnishings allow energies to flow and thus benefit relaxation and regeneration.

People and also the view of nature move back into the centre of attention. Quiet and unpretentious areas, light colour tonality with light wood and exposed concrete - exude their own form of elegance. Body, mind and soul find pure relaxation here."

Gerhard Altenberger

Idea & Architecture

Last autumn, we ventured into a major project: a spa the likes of which has never been seen in Europe is finally becoming reality. A place that promises our guests a first-class relaxation experience from spring 2023 - in addition to the already existing spa area. Visionary and exclusive, revolutionary and deeply rooted in the Leogang region: ATMOSPHERE by Krallerhof.

The spa seamlessly integrates into the surrounding landscape and creates an atmosphere between water and mountain worlds. For the architectural design, we were able to win over the multi-award-winning Hamburg star architect Hadi Teherani, who is internationally renowned for his timeless, sustainable, long-lasting design.

Hadi Teherani, alongside his team, scored points in an internationally announced 2019 ideas competition with his extraordinary idea. He described his creative inspiration in a short presentation with following words:

The design was always there for me, you just had to recognise it.
I knew immediately what had to be done."

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