Live music at the Asitzbräu and the KralleAlm

Infos Live music at the Asitzbräu and the KralleAlm
Live music at the Asitzbräu and the KralleAlm
Live music at the Asitzbräu and the KralleAlm

Every Friday to Sunday from 22 December 2018 to 31 March 2019, from 1 to 4 p.m.

Musical programme:

Fri 21.12.2018: Top 2 
Sat., 22.12.2018: Rene Hemetsberger 
Sun 23.12.2018: Cross-border sounds from the Zillertal 
Fri 28.12.2018: Laterndl Trio 
Sat 29.12.2018: The La Rossa's 
Sun 30.12.2018: Bärig & Echt 
Fri 04.01.2019: Top 2 
Sat 05.01.2019: The 3 Schellacks 
Sun 06.01.2019: Ramsy Trio 
Fri 11.01.2019: St. Georgner Duo 
Sat 12.01.2019: Second Hand Brothers 
Sun 13.01.2019: Bärig & Echt 
Fri 18.01.2019: Top 2  
Sat 19.01.2019: Thomas Casata 
Sun 20.01.2019: Cross-border sounds from the Zillertal
Fri 25.01.2019: Willi Hubner Trio 
Sat 26.01.2019: Rene Hemetsberger 
Sun 27.01.2019: Zommhucka Musi 
Fri 01.02.2019: Top 2 
Sat 02.02.2019: The 3 Schellacks 
Sun 03.02.2019: Bärig & Echt 
Fri 08.02.2019: St. Georgner Duo
Sat 09.02.2019: The La Rossa's

Sun 10.02.2019: Ramsy Trio <br/> Fri 15.02.2019: Top 2 <br/> Sat 16.02.2019: Rene Hemetsberger <br/> Sun 17.02.2019: Zommhucka Musi <br/> Fri 22.02.2019: Willi Hubner Trio <br/> Sat 23.02.2019: Second Hand Brothers <br/> Sun 24.02.2019: Cross-border sounds from the Zillertal <br/> Fri 01.03.2019: Top 2 <br/> Sat 02.03.2019: The 3 Schellacks <br/> Sun 03.03.2019: Bärig & Echt <br/> Mon 04.03.2019: DUO Soundkraft <br/> Tue 05.03.2019: DUO Soundkraft <br/>Fri 08.03.2019: Laterndl Trio <br/> Sat 09.03.2019: Rene Hemetsberger <br/> Sun 10.03.2019: Cross-border sounds from the Zillertal <br/> Fri 15.03.2019: Top 2 ! in the KrallerAlm ! <br/> Sat 16.03.2019: Thomas Casata ! in the KrallerAlm ! <br/> Sun 17.03.2019: Ramsy Trio ! in the KrallerAlm ! <br/> Fri 22.03.2019: Willi Hubner Trio ! in the KrallerAlm ! <br/> Sat 23.03.2019: Second Hand Brothers ! in the KrallerAlm ! <br/> Sun 24.03.2019: Bärig & Echt ! in the KrallerAlm ! <br/> Fri 29.03.2019: Top 2 ! in the KrallerAlm ! <br/> Sat 30.03.2019: Rene Hemetsberger ! in the KrallerAlm ! <br/> Sun 31.03.2019: Cross-border sounds from the Zillertal ! in the KrallerAlm !


This young pianist and singer from beautiful Upper Austria enchants his listeners with wonderful English and German pop songs and interpretations of international chart-topping hits, transcribed for piano & voice. 


"Just good music!" René delights his fans by singing and playing the guitar, harp and stomp box in all kinds of different genres, and really getting the audience going. Pop meets country, Austropop meets rock and young meets good old favourites.


Top music from popular favourites to rock'n'roll and the latest party hits. This pair convey a joyous sense of fun, partying and being in the holiday mood with their music. 


Lively, youthful dance music for every kind of party! The duo consists of the harmonica player Markus Plaickner and the baritone Hannes Eder. With their spoon-playing and other spectacular offerings, great entertainment is guaranteed. 


The 3 musicians who make up the "Second Hand Brothers" group have 23 years of experience. With over 700 songs in their repertoire, these talented gentlemen present the best of rock, pop, jazz, golden oldies, Austropop, chart-toppers and much more. Unplugged, they wander around the AsitzBräu with their guitar, bass and drums, and are bound to have just the right song for every guest up their sleeves.


This international trio brings the charm and elegance of the 1920s and 30s to life. With their repertoire of Broadway classics, French chansons, tangos, boleros, waltzes and popular hits, the three musicians take their audiences back to the golden age of ballrooms, cabarets in Paris and a New York jazz club. The beautiful voice of the singer Larissa Frank is supported by groovy sounds on the double bass and toe-tapping rhythms on the guitar, interspersed with virtuoso solo spots. 


Swing, jazz, Dixieland and old hits that everyone knows - they're all part of the repertoire of the "3 Shellacks". The band, led by Gerhard Pucher from the Pinzgau, has been playing together for years and audiences love their obvious enjoyment of the music and their gentlemanly charm.


The extensive repertoire of Willi Hubner and his musical colleagues ranges from Austrian folk music through swing melodies to international evergreens. They can play almost anything you ask for: Viennese bar music, melodies from Slovenia and mood music! 


The "Laterndl Trio" stands for mood music that is both sophisticated and fun. The trio has an impressively wide repertoire ranging from folk tunes, popular evergreens and golden oldies to international hits. 


Audiences love the combination of bass clarinet and wonderful singing, from the Slovenian sounds of Franz Mihelic and old favourites by Herbert Pixner to typical Upper Austrian hits from STS and Andreas Gabalier. And of course these lads never fail to do some cool yodelling!


"Bärig & Echt" have years of experience of delighting audiences with their varied repertoire of folk music, Slovenian sounds, golden oldies and much more.


These 4 men from the Zillertal play great folk music and mood music with so much joy and enthusiasm. 


Zommhucka Musi is a group made up of members of the Maishofen traditional marching band. These gentlemen will entertain you with jolly tunes from Austria and Bavaria.


The Eschenauer Tanzlmusi is a young group from the Salzburger Land that came together in 1994. The band's repertoire ranges from well-known polkas and marches to rousing drinking songs. Something for everyone!

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