Hotel Krallerhof


Hotel Krallerhof stands for special devotion to detail. For four generations we provide you with the true luxury of our times, special moments that only exist at the Krallerhof. We cherish the wonderful things that make our lives worth living. Our refined cuisine, crafted with passion and expertise, convinces with its unique character. The Krallerhof delights you with the finest products and enticing creations of sustainability, regionality, and boundless spirit. For you, we create an unforgettable experience for the senses. That is our philosophy!



The Krallerhof stands for responsibility—of the family Altenberger. Hotel Krallerhof stands for attitude, that is in the DNA of the Altenberger family. We keep our promises. For our family, responsibility means providing answers before the questions. It is important for us and our employees that we treat nature's resources with respect. In this way, we effectively protect our climate and our environment. For over four generations, that is what we are known for.

Environment and sustainability

By tradition, we minimize impacts on nature and our environment. We believe that environmental protection is a matter of respect for nature. Nature nurtures us, surrounds us, and enhances the health and comfort of our guests. Just last year we planted over 700 new trees outside our front doors - sustainability that you can see growing every day. Of course, we are 100% nuclear-free.


We minimize the use of resources, reduce emissions, and avoid waste. Additionally, we rely on an ecologically conscious and carefully controlled selection of all our products and supplies. With our investment in operational environmental protection, we constantly improve the efficient use of our resources.


It is our ambition at the Hotel Krallerhof to underline the character of our house with luxury and exclusivity while providing space for inspiration and new encounters in every room. Whether you have a desire for a unique color scheme, exclusive materials, or special details still to discover—at our hotel, every guest resides according to his or her unique personality. Our pleasant atmosphere invites you to engage in your surroundings. With us, time turns into timelessness.


We at the Krallerhof believe in one thing that stands above all:
Nature. Nature is our home. We must protect it night and day. The love for nature is an inherent trait of our family that is reflected in everything we do and live.

We grow with nature and we learn from it every day. It is our task to preserve this treasure with all our strength for future generations. We and our employees chose a path forward, always in harmony with nature, and we always strive for a higher level of respect, humility, and excellence. We create exceptional moments and new kinds of luxury—quite naturally.


At the Hotel Krallerhof, we believe that engaging in art creates a new individual view of our world. The Krallerhof offers space for new perspectives and stimulating encounters. Be inspired, discover yourself once again! The love of art is our inspiration and a way to express ourselves. We create a unique experience in every room. Arrive and continue your explorative journey at the Krallerhof!


You do not become a host; you are a host. To be your host is our passion and our genuine commitment. We do what we love, and we live what we do. Running the Krallerhof is our calling. We are dedicated to fulfilling our guests’ wishes.
Your Family Altenberger

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