Every future arises from history. With the knowledge of our past, we shape our present. At the Hotel Krallerhof, we treat our history with humility, pride, respect, and lots of gratitude. Our history was eventful and unique. It is a story only real life can provide. As our family business is now in the fourth generation, we are not just experienced hosts but dedicated fulfillers of your wishes. We have a mission to shape the future.



Applying the knowledge of past generations without development, that is tradition. At the Krallerhof we want to make innovation our tradition. We seek constant improvement. To shape our future, change is the basis of our tradition. We are constantly questioning ourselves about how we can enhance our standards and stand out as your hosts. This is a tradition for us.



With our long history, we look back on a chronicle of growing experiences. We are proud of what we as the Altenberger family have created with our employees at the Hotel Krallerhof over the years. Our history serves as a compass for our future. The Hotel Krallerhof combines modernity, history, and skillful art in a unique way. Looking back on our history, we have a vision for our future!


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