Two mountain restaurants on the Asitz


Our mountain restaurants on the Asitz. They feature two completely different themes. And they are the location for several delightful and unique events. But they also have a lot in common, such as excellent cuisine and a special atmosphere. Both restaurants bear the signature of Sepp Altenberger, a passionate explorer and keeper of the old world. His grand passion is to trace traditional and antique pieces from the past. Presenting such treasures to our guests in a unique museum restaurant is a matter close to his heart. Whether AlteSchmiede or AsitzBräu—both mountain restaurants contain fascinating exhibits.



Cult on the mountain - this is the AlteSchmiede. Quaint, cozy, cool. Just about 40 meters from the mountain station Asitz with its “Steinbergbahn”, the restaurant AlteSchmiede impresses with an epic location at an altitude of 1,760 meters. Opened in 2000, it has been a place of encounter on the mountain ever since.



At an altitude of 1,760 meters, you will find Europe's highest brewing museum. It offers beautiful views, fascinating exhibits, and most diverse events.

In winter you enjoy daily après-ski, live music at the Asitz Music Night, the incredible Fire & Ice Show, and with TONspur meets SKIspur the musical highlight amid the magnificent snowy scenery. In summer, the AsitzBräu is the location for the concerts TONspuren at the Asitz, as well as for Altholz, which provides house groove at its finest. The Altholz summit meeting attracts friends of electronic dance music for more than five years.

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