Powersleeping rooms – Wellness in your sleep in the Krallerhof

Powersleeping rooms

Wellness in your sleep

Humans spend about a third of their lifes in bed. Reason enough to pay particular attention to this subject. Powersleeping is the magic word in the Krallerhof.

In the 30 Krallerhof Powersleeping rooms everything revolves around restful and healthy sleep. These special rooms in the original building have been exclusively fitted out with highest quality natural materials. Oak floors and Swisspine walls ensure a pleasant room climate. We have selected a Samina sleepingsystem with free swinging ash wood slatframes for the beds. This allows optimal regeneration for your back and spine. All the covers and blankets are in highest quality virginsheep’s wool, providing a dry and warm bed climate. Special cable protection prevents any electro­magnetic fields in the rooms. A Lokosana cover provides a balanced magnetic field, ensuring Krallerhof guests are properly earthed when sleeping in the true sense of the word. Choose orthopaedic pillows to suit your sleeping style from our pillow menu. Ask for our Powersleeping packages.


Single- & double room "Wilhelm Busch"
Hotel appartement "Hermann Hesse"
Hotel appartement "J. W. v. Goethe"

Hotel appartement "F. v. Schiller"
Maisonette "F. Grillparzer"

ZEO sleep coach

Krallerhof guests also have the opportunity to measure their nightly quality of sleep with the ZEO sleep coach, the professional sleep measurement device. This automatically evaluates:

  • How long were you actually asleep for?
  • How long does it take you to fall asleep?
  • Do you sleep through the night or do you wake up?
  • What percentage of your sleep do you spendin the different phases of sleep?

After the test, you will receive an analysis ofyour sleep measurements from our sleep trainer, who will give you valuable tips on how to get healthy and restful sleep.

Sleep coach: For the duration of your stay Euro 49.-
(automatically included in our Powersleeping packages)

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