Back pain due to a wrong sleeping mattress

Back pain due to a wrong sleeping mattress

Often, back pain and a false sleeping mattress condition each other. Especially in hotels. We also had to recognize this problem. After all, quality according to orthopaedic standards is essential for lying comfort. After all, you spend some time in your hotel bed.

That's why in our power sleeping rooms, with the sophisticated SAMINA organic-bed system, we offer a sleeping mattress that meets these exact requirements and complies all orthopaedic standards. The holistic sleep system adapts optimally to your body structure and also forms in the reclining of the double-s line-shaped course of the spine. The lack of muscle tension at night is compensated by the sophisticated effect. The point-specific support of the sensitive spine allows pain-free lying.

Holiday for your spine

The spine is given the necessary possibility to regenerate overnight. The active traction of the back causes the individual vertebral elements to fill again with liquid and thus actively prevents tension and possible back pain. The weight-independent functioning of the SAMINA sleep system makes it possible to adapt to any body, regardless of body size and body weight.

Choose your appropriate pillow

In addition to a suitable sleeping mattress, the pillow also plays a central role for back pain. If the pillow is too high or too flat, this can lead to a painful cervical syndrome. This refers to unpleasant tension in the neck and cervical vertebrae area. The wrong position of the head can result in unpleasant headaches. Therefore, make your stay in our hotel a completely healthy and relaxing experience. Enjoy relaxed and well rested every minute of your holiday.

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