Powersleeping in the Krallerhof

Powersleeping in the Krallerhof

What do you expect of your stay as our guest? Relaxation, recreation, some time with the family or the partner? A successful business deal or a good meeting with your business partners? Culinary delights and a varied programme of leisure activities? That is exactly what we want to offer you.

With the unique “sleep-healthy-concept” and the “SAMINA Power Sleeping Rooms®“ we found an effective and above all healthy opportunity to offer you also during the night the ne plus ultra for a good sleep and thus the best regeneration. Selected natural products of the Austrian company SAMINA accompany you through the night and let you sleep dreamlike at the Krallerhof.

Wellness in your sleep

In the 30 Krallerhof Powersleeping rooms everything revolves around restful and healthy sleep. These special rooms in the original building have been exclusively fitted out with highest quality natural materials. Oak floors and Swisspine walls ensure a pleasant room climate. Special cable protection prevents any electro­magnetic fields in the rooms. We have selected a Samina sleepingsystem for the beds. With the concept of the SAMINA power sleeping rooms we can offer you an effective all-round solution. The holistic and nature-conforming sleep system relies on the power of nature. Based on the human layer structure, the free-swinging SAMINA lamellae grate in combination with the SAMINA natural rubber mattress forms the heart of the sleeping system. The sophisticated lamellae-mattress combination ensures that your body has an individual possibility of sinking in where there is a need - for example, in the shoulder or hip area. On the other hand, the special combination also balances the cavities created and provides additional support. For example, in the sensitive lumbar spine area.

What sounds quite orthopaedic in the first moment is subject to a simple principle of action: the lamellae grate and the mattress adapt to your body.

To avoid freezing at night, the sleep-healthy concept includes the finest bedding and blankets, filled with 100% merino sheep wool. An extensive orthopaedic pillow assortment as well as the metal-free bed frames round off the regenerative sleeping experience.

The room facilities of the Power Sleeping Rooms also meet all the requirements of bio-energetic sleep. Selected natural materials, free of chemicals and other pollutants complement the bio-sleeping system of SAMINA. Soothing colours, pleasant fragrances and a uniform concept ensure the necessary nightly feel-good effect from head to toe. You will feel comfortable from the first moment and notice this difference.

Learn more about the benefits of healthy sleeping and how it can contribute to a healthy lifestyle in the long term.


Single- & double room "Wilhelm Busch"
Hotel appartement "Hermann Hesse"
Hotel appartement "J. W. v. Goethe"

Hotel appartement "F. v. Schiller"
Maisonette "F. Grillparzer"

Choose orthopaedic pillows to suit your sleeping style from our pillow menu. Ask for our Powersleeping packages.

Conditions for a regenerative and relaxing sleep experience

Healthy sleep requires a healthy lifestyle. In addition to a balanced diet, this also includes sufficient exercise:

  • Fatty and sumptuous meals at late hours impair the sleep quality negatively. Also the consumption of alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes. Therefore there should be about three to four hours between bedtime and consumption of food.
  • A regular sleep-awake-rhythm promotes the nightly rest and prevents the disturbance of sleep or insomnia.
  • Fresh air and serotonin not only make you happy, but also form a good basis for the night.
  • Moderate movement in the evening helps to turn off body and mind. However, at a later hour no activating sport should be done, that is better in the morning.
  • Yoga exercises or a relaxing bath also help to forget the stress of the day.
  • A sleep-friendly room equipment, free of electronic devices, also contributes to a relaxing sleep-experience. In addition there is a suitable sleeping mattress. A mattress that is too hard or too soft can cause back pain and thus lead to sleep problems.

Even if you cannot put all the tips into practice in your holiday, we recommend that you incorporate them into your everyday life. A relaxing bath or a leisurely walk can not only provide for rest breaks on holiday, but also at home.

ZEO sleep coach

Krallerhof guests also have the opportunity to measure their nightly quality of sleep with the ZEO sleep coach, the professional sleep measurement device. This evaluates automatically:

  • How long were you actually asleep for?
  • How long does it take you to fall asleep?
  • Do you sleep through the night or do you wake up?
  • What percentage of your sleep do you spend in the different phases of sleep?

After the test, you will receive an analysis of your sleep measurements from our sleep trainer, who will give you valuable tips on how to get healthy and restful sleep.

Sleep coach: For the duration of your stay Euro 49.-
(automatically included in our Powersleeping packages)

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