Why healthy sleep is so important

Why healthy sleep is so important

Sleep is vital for human beings. Sleep is the most important source for health, our vitality and zest for life. Numerous regeneration and repair processes take place automatically and run unnoticed at night. Regenerative sleep is also an ideal companion for recovery processes and a guarantee of success in the search for relaxation.

Sleep as a source of regeneration

During sleep the heart rate decreases. The blood pressure, metabolism and also the body temperature decreases. The immune system is strengthened, small muscle fibre injuries are repaired and brain activity is changed. Sufficient sleep is also the basis for concentration and performance capability. On average, an adult person needs between six and eight hours of sleep. However, the sleep time is individual and can vary from person to person.

Sleep duration & sleep quality

In addition to the sleeping time, the quality of sleep is even more important. During the sleep each sleeper goes through four to five sleep cycles per night. These are composed of light, deep and dream phases. In the light and deep sleep phases the body relaxes, while in the dream phases the body becomes active. The heart and breathing frequency rises again, as is the blood pressure and brain activity. However, the cycles can be shortened by a disturbance of the sleep.

Insomnia - Reasons and consequences

Unfortunately, insomnia is no longer a rarity nowadays. Already every third person suffers from this. The reasons for a disturbed sleep can have different causes. In addition to illnesses such as sleep apnoea, dementia or depression, light sources, technical energy fields or, for example, incorrect bed equipment can be reasons for sleeping disorders.

The consequences of insomnia can be noticeable in different ways, ranging from daytime fatigue to irritability, concentration disturbances, reduced performance to stomach ailments, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and a weakened immune system or premature aging.

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