Die Polsterlandschaft der Suite Purpur

Art and aesthetics.

Rooms & suites

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Art and aesthetics.

Rooms & suites
Rooms & suites

Staying here is sheer enjoyment.

The Krallerhof is both elemental and sophisticated.

A harmonious symbiosis to welcome you. Rooms to feel comfortable in. Flamed stone from the Passeier valley, exclusive Canovas fabrics, olive wood floors, antique spruce ceilings, stylish carpets and elegant marble bathrooms. Every room at the Krallerhof is unique. What they all have in common is their cosy charm and the artistic touches. 

The glowing radiance of the rare paint pigments, the African termite trunks, the springbok hides dyed with authentic pigments, and the historic wooden and stone artefacts. Whatever it is that gives them each one its special flair, the 23 Colour Suites at the Krallerhof are unique energy centres, radiating light and harmony. They were created by the artist Ty Waltinger. His sensitive interpretation of old and new, the stylish way he incorporates traditional features and his love of detail all go to fill these rooms with beauty and atmosphere. Our Krallerhof: Nature. Art. Enjoyment.

[Translate to English:] Der Eingang zum Wohnbereich des Familienzimmers Goethe

Rooms to feel comfortable in

Rooms and suites

[Translate to English:] Der Eingang der Suite Gold

Unique energy centres of light and harmony

Colour Suites

[Translate to English:] Das Bad der Suite Ultramarin

Sleep well, naturally



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