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LE Midi Jewelery

Le Midi Showcase in the hotel lobby

Created out of the love of a husband for his beautiful wife, Le Midì pieces are more then simple jewelery.

Le Midì is a jewelery brand of excellence and each necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings is an unique creation of natural pearls and coral combined with 18kt gold, diamonds and precious stones. The result is always truly spectacular, a Le Midì jewelry enhancing and adding a reffinate and chic note to any outfit.

All Le Midì jewelry are exclusively created by italian designers and manufactured with love by italian artisans, in limited editions and unique collections with names which are calling for daydreaming: Capri, Venezia, Portofino,  Imperiale, Rosaperla, Rose e Fiori. The care for the details almost reaches perfection, nothing is left randomly.

Le Midì designers have chosen the rose as the representative flower which is to be found in the most of their jewelry creations. The ultimate symbol of femininity and beauty, the rose has been recreated by the italian artisans from the most precious materials.

The quality of the stones combined with the original and playfull design are just two of the reasons why Le Midì pieces are amoung the favorite jewelry of the Royal Houses of the Northern Europe.
Le Midì pieces are also the choice of young, refined and urban ladies who prefer easy and elegant outfits.

Le Midì is a brand of excellence, refinement and uniqueness through every single pearl, diamant, manually carved coral rose, stone or piece of gold used by its creators.

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