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Working for sustainability

The ethos

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Working for sustainability

The ethos
The ethos

Mother Nature was very kind to the Krall estate. Preserving the incomparable beauty of the landscape is a key part of our ethos. 

Innovations with an environmental slant

If we can keep the ecological footprint of our hotel as small as possible, future generations will still be able to enjoy this beautiful landscape. That's why we always consider the environmental aspects of every innovation. You can see that the CO2 emissions of the Krallerhof are really low if you compare us with the rest of the Best Alpine Wellness hotels: we're right at the top, ranked number 1!

Taking effective measures to protect nature

  • Biomass heating system with electric filter for environmentally-neutral warmth
  • Fuel comes from local sawmills, creating regional wealth
  • Environmentally sustainable biodiesel is produced from our used cooking oil
  • Optimised lighting in the hotel
  • Buildings refurbished for thermal insulation
  • All our electricity comes from non-nuclear sources
  • Innovative technology for resource-efficient laundering – EU Ecolabel-endorsed laundry processes
  • Wet waste recycling plant processes food waste and transports it to a biogas plant
  • Alternative mobility options
  • Local produce used in the kitchen
  • Sustainable health services
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