A simple farm and one family's passion…

The history

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A simple farm and one family's passion…

The history
The history

It goes back a long way, our Krallerhof. It was first mentioned by name as long ago as 1400.

Family-run, with a family atmosphere.

"The Krall estate, generally also known as the Krallergut, at Rain near Leogang" is how the property is listed in the land registry. After centuries of turbulent history, in 1932 the estate was bought by Josef Riedelberger. He married Katharina Altenberger, who brought two sons to the marriage – Alexander and Josef (Sepp) Altenberger. Following the sad loss of his mother and stepfather, Sepp Altenberger took over the Krallerhof in 1952. Four years later, he decided to build a separate small hotel with 25 beds alongside the farm. In 1960, 18-year-old Gabriela Holzer arrived at the farm. In her, Sepp found the love of his life.  When the construction of the Asitzbahn cable car was confirmed in 1971, Sepp and Gabriela began planning their hotel.

Family-run, with a family atmosphere – for decades. It's how the Krallerhof has been from the very beginning. First as a simple farm, then as a small inn and now in its present form as one of the best resort hotels in Austria.

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