Product lines in the spa world Refugium

In the Refugium we use only high-grade cosmetics and skin care lines for body and beauty treatments and also have products for sale.

NEW: „Balance Alpine 1000+" is based on the traditional nature medicine (esp. the Alpine region) and involves: 

  • The purity of medicinal plants and the use of herbs that particularly suit European typology
  • The vital (= life-sustaining) power of certain herbal extracts in specific dosages
  • The active ingredient extraction which takes into account alchemistic recipes

More information on the webpage Best Alpine Wellness Hotels.

!QMS: the successful skin care system for visibly younger skin.
Ligne St Barth:
Delve into the Caribbean world of well-being.
Dr. Spiller: Biocosmetic - the sophisticated skin care programme with a high feel good factor.
Comfort Zone: among the exclusive top brands of the international spa and cosmetics world.
Fuhlendorf: Long-lasting beauty products & Anti-Aging.

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