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The Refugium
The Refugium

A sense of security and well-being - in our Refugium

All manner of different options. Plenty of choice for pleasure-seekers. In addition to the long indoor pool with its slate sound dome, and the sauna pool in the garden, our Refugium also boasts four different relaxation rooms, eight saunas and steam baths and an exclusive Private Spa. The choice of health-giving massage treatments is equally wide, ranging from traditional massage, lymph drainage and acupressure massage through hot stone and Shiatsu to Ayurveda massage. 

  • 9 different saunas & steam baths
  • 2 indoor pools and 2 outdoor pools
  • 4 exclusive relaxation rooms
  • 17 treatment rooms for beauty and body treatments, massages, Ayurveda
  • Hairdressing salon, solariums
  • Private Spa for treatments with your partner
  • No fewer than 90 relaxation beds
  • Spacious fitness, cardio and gym area
  • Tea bar, vitality bar, separate Refugium reception desk

Saunas & steam baths

Herbal sauna

This sauna is particularly popular because of its pleasant temperature. In the inhalation and sweating cabin, a range of herbal infusions exert their stimulating effect at a temperature of only 55°C. 

Family sauna

The family sauna, at 55°C, is the only one in which swimwear is permitted. It has a separate entrance from the indoor pool and is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Block sauna

The oldest and probably most well-known kind of sauna of all: in this Finnish-style classic you will sweat profusely in a temperature of around 90°C and low humidity. Carefully controlled infusions with natural aromas will boost your feeling of well-being.


Pleasant warmth radiates evenly from the heated walls, seats and couches, at about 39°C. The Roman-style dry sweating room with integrated chromotherapy light opens your pores and really stimulates your circulation. Particularly recommended before body treatments!

Salt inhalation cave

The radiated warmth of the sauna is combined with special salt and steam technology to simulate healthy sea air. Atomised sea salt particles and essential extracts of eucalyptus and mint cleanse and clear your airways at about 45-50°C. The gentle properties of rose quartz will soothe your soul.

Amethyst grotto

In this sweating chamber at about 45-50°C, amethyst exerts its healing power. The vibrational energy and purple glow of this precious stone will reveal hidden talents, encourage peaceful sleep, dispel anxiety and help with nervous complaints. The warming steam alleviates respiratory disorders.

Physiotherm infrared cabin

When your body temperature and the ambient temperature are in balance, you feel very comfortable. Further increasing the temperature stimulates the circulation. The warmth is transported into the core of your body, creating deep, infrared heat. This results in beneficial sweating, despite the relatively low air temperature of from 40-50°C. It's perfect for just before a massage!


Blocks of local granite radiate strength and energy. The artist Ty Waltinger used ancient precious pigments of lapis lazuli and turquoise in the Tepidarium to help people to reflect on their innermost thoughts and emotions. The constant temperature of 36°C in our "blue room" stimulates the immune system and encourages regenerative relaxation. 

Relaxation rooms

Nitsch Room

A peaceful oasis full of mysteries. An art-filled source of inspiration. Yellow, the colour of the sun and life. Nitsch's monochrome work in sunshine yellow dating from 2002 invites the viewer to engage in peaceful meditation. Along with 6 other works from the artist's biggest painting performance in 2009, it defines the atmosphere in the nitsch raum. Whether energising, inspiring or meditative – the intensity of Hermann Nitsch's works triggers universal emotions. 


The crystal sculpture that gives the room its name, together with features made out of petrified wood, encourages peaceful meditation. The pine interior further enhances the relaxing effect. This light-filled room, with its magnificent views of the stunning mountains around the Steinerne Meer plateau, has won prizes for its design. Surrounded by a powerful mural by artist Ty Waltinger, the Ruhekristall is an extraordinary energy centre at the heart of all the elements.

Relaxation room by the water lily pond

This restful room is flooded with light and has a very welcoming atmosphere. Comfortable couches made by Tribù invite you to unwind and dream, and the view of the water lily pond will certainly put you in a meditative frame of mind. Two striking features are "Baltic Red" from Finland and "Black Tiger" from Africa: these massive boulders, elegant and impressive at the same time, offer places of retreat with a strong feel-good factor. 

Water bed relaxation room

The rocking waves of our water beds are relaxing and soothing. And the effect is reinforced by the artistic setting, because artist Ty Waltinger has created a huge and magnificent work of art here. Amid this dreamy setting of flowing colours, every moment promises sheer enjoyment.


Perfect for cooling off

In summer this large swimming pool is solar-heated. The clear-cut lines of the stunning indoor pool were created by a master's hand. The coloured walls, some clad in 24-carat gold, and the slate sound dome create a mystical atmosphere. At 18 metres long, it is perfect for swimming lengths. After a relaxing visit to the sauna, in the sauna pool you feel as if you are swimming out towards the Steinerne Meer plateau. Summer or winter, at a constant 28°C this outdoor pool is the perfect place to cool off. There is also a whirlpool bath in the sauna area and a big plunge pool.


  • 18-metre-long indoor pool with integral sound dome, 31°C
  • 11-metre-long outdoor sauna pool, a constant 28°C, summer and winter
  • Solar-heated open-air pool in summer
  • Whirlpool in the sauna area, 34°C

Private Spa


Enjoy some exclusive time out from your everyday life! In our Private Spa, measuring over 75 m2, you'll find everything you need for some private feel-good moments: circular bath with special lighting effects, steam bath, Finnish sauna, waterbeds, massage couches, shower and toilet. Relax together in a beauty bath for two with a glass of champagne. The Private Spa at the Krallerhof: the place to enjoy some romantic time together. 


Whether you would like to strengthen your cardiovascular system, stimulate your metabolism, minimise body fat or firm up your muscles – at the Krallerhof we have all the right infrastructure to help you achieve your desired goal. 

Our fitness advice begins with the status quo. We carry out a "Figurwell" test to analyse your metabolism. Based on these results, our professional trainers will devise a personalised fitness programme for you. You can be indoors doing supervised training on the fitness equipment, with fantastic views of the Steinerne Meer, or outdoors hiking, cycling or running through the beautiful Leogang mountains – at the Krallerhof we have all the options to make sure you find your own kind of fitness fun.

To the weekly schedule<br/>  

"Figurwell" test incl. dietary advice

This test uses your breath to analyse your metabolism. It provides detailed information about whether your cells are taking their energy from fats or carbohydrates, how much oxygen is reaching your cells and how efficiently your body is performing.

30 minutes€ 58


Day Special

The perfect introduction to our fitness services: after having your metabolism analysed in the "Figurwell" test, why not enjoy a relaxing massage?

  • "Figurwell" test incl. dietary advice, 30 minutes
  • Intensive back treatment: combination of traditional massage and hot stone therapy, 50 minutes
80 minutes€ 118


Personal coaching

50 minutes€ 75


Burn-out prevention package

Take action in good time to prevent possible burn-out: following detailed analysis of your "Figurwell" test, in your start-up session you will learn the best ways to relax, and enjoy an anti-stress massage. Your personal coach will prepare the perfect programme for you. 

  • "Figurwell" test incl. dietary advice, 30 minutes
  • Personal coaching start-up session including breathing and relaxation techniques, 50 minutes
  • Anti-stress massage, 55 minutes
  • Personal coaching, 50 minutes
3 hours€ 258



A taster package for familiarisation: find out about the best kind of training for you. Following the "Figurwell" test, you will have a training session where the perfect programme will be put together for you and you make a start on it. 

  • "Figurwell" test incl. dietary advice, 30 minutes
  • Personal coaching incl. training advice, approx. 50 minutes 
80 minutes€ 120


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