Ayurveda treatments


The whole year our professional team in the wellness area offers different Ayurveda-treamtents. During the special "Ayurveda-week" in autumn, the Ayurveda expert Dr. Ramakrishna from India is in the Krallerhof to give our guests expertise about this traditional medicine. For more information or appointments, please contact our Refugium-Team:

T: +43-6583-8246-590

Abhyanga – full body massage
Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
Price: € 164,-

This so-called "unction" uses different massage techniques such as pressure point and head massage, head inuction, as well as gentle, balancing body massages. This treatment has very positive effects on the three circulation systems: blood, nervous and, above all, the lymphatic system. An activated lymphatic flow reduces the blood pressure as well as pain and tensions.

Duration: 50 minutes Price: € 98,-

Ayurvedic head, facial and cleavage treatment: through special techniques and different oils, this massage has cleansing and nourishing effects. Mukabhyanga brings about deep intensive relaxation. It assists blood circulation, the lymphatic flow and the removal of metabolic wastes. In combination with the Marma vitality points, it affects the deeper tissue layers, helps to balance the cerebral hemispheres and activates the higher brain centres.

Shirodhara – Oil pouring, forehead
Duration: 60 minutes

Price: € 109,-

This treatment brings the body and spirit into a state of calmness. The nervous system is calmed, and the body's energies are adjusted. This excellent deep relaxation has nourishing, cleansing and vitalizing effects on the hair and the scalp.

Shirodhara de Luxe
Duration: 90 minutes Price: € 149,--

Experience and enjoy this regal treatment! Paired with a preparatory herbal oil massage or a Mukabhyanga, luxurious relaxation is guaranteed.

Duration: 50 minutes Price: € 98,--

This pleasant foot reflex and leg massage very positively affects the entire body via the corresponding foot zones

Duration: 45 minutes Price: € 88,--

This is the gentlest form of head massage. Gentle applications and soft pressure stimulate and assist lymphatic activity.

Pantai Luar
Full body massage Duration: 50 minutes Price: € 98,--
Partial body massage(back or legs) Duration: 30 minutes Price: € 68,--

This traditional application from the East Asian region is regarded as the high art of influencing energy points and channels. The whole body is worked on with special herbal stamps and a 140°C plant extract oil. High-grade oils, the valuable ingredients of the herbal stamps such as lime, herbs and spieces, the heat of the stamps, the targeted motion sequence of the massage, as well as the exotic scent - the special combination of all these factors activates a self-repair mechansim. Accompanied by deep relaxation and well-being, it activates cell regeneration.

Duration: 55 minutes Price: € 91,-

Ideal to assist weight loss: the silk-glove massage removes wastes and enhances weight loss. Garshan effectively counters cellulite and increases the elasticity and tightness of the connective tissue. It is also recommended for the treatment of listlessness and tiredness as it stimulates energy flow.

Duration: 50 minutes Price: € 98,-

Ayurveda for starters
Duration: approx. 2 hours 35 minutes
Price: € 212 ,-

Treatment with warm oils for increased well-being and beauty.

  • 1 Abhyanga full-body massage (gentle, balancing body massage as well as pressure and head massage, head inunction), 1 hour 45 minutes
  • 1 Padabhyanga (beneficial foot reflex zone and leg massage), 50 minutes

Please ask also for our Ayurveda-Packages (Ayurveda-Week or Ayurveda-Trial-Package) during the Ayurveda week in autumn with Dr. Ramakrishna from India.

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