Beauty & face

Beauty & face

Choose from one of our relaxing and rejuvenating treatments with different high quality cosmetic products. For more information or appointments, please contact our Refugium-Team:

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Ligne St. Barth

Duration: 80 minutes Price: € 119,-

Enjoy an intensive, relaxing and rejuvenating treatment of the face, neck, cleavage and hands. The effects of the high-grade herbal care products with their natural vitamins and minerals assist the special mask, which is made from fresh fruit. Your skin becomes visibily clearer, more even and radiant.

Duration: 80 minutes Price: € 114,-

Experience this extraordinarily gentle treatment for face, neck and décolleté. Enjoy the fresh fragrance of natural elixirs reminiscent of a multi-coloured fruit basket. The high-quality plant-based care products, with their natural vitamins and minerals, have a highly clarifying effect and stimulate the skin’s own activity.

Duration: 55 minutes Price: € 82,-

Highly relaxing and regenerating facial treatment with fresh papaya mousse.

Balance Alpine 1000+

Healthy beauty
Duration: 50 minutes Price: € 81,-
Duration: 80 minutes Price: € 119,-

A penetrating facial treatment adapted to suit personal vitality and the basic metabolism of the skin. The treatment is based on rich skin care products containing Alpine herbs which are produced in line with spagyric processing.


Beauty X
Duration: 55 minutes
Price: € 136,-

This completely painless, risk-free and cost-efficient face lift begins with a micro-dermabrasion. It removes dead cells and, at same time, activates cell growth. The subsequent cupping massage frees the tissues of waste material and toxins. Via ultrasound, special active ingreditents are then sent through the epidermis into the subcutaneous tissue. Blood circulation and musculature are stimulated, and the skin is visibly more taut.


Classic treatment
Duration: 2 hours Price: € 153,-

Prepare to slip into a new skin! This treatment stimulates cell formation. Natural, highly-concentrated collagens are sent deep into the skin from the outside. Your skin gains smoothness, vitality and elasticity. The results of this exclusive treatment are visible immediately: you will look years younger and more vital.

Duration: 2 hours Price: € 153,-

The ideal deep treatment for sallow skin with bad blood circulation: skin that is damaged by nicotine, sun and other environmental factors responds particularly well to this treatment.

Relax o Firm
Duration: 55 minutes
Price: € 85,-

"Relax o Firm" removes excessive cornifications of the skin gently but thoroughly. The skin is cleansed and the metabolism improved. A concluding mask calms, regenerates and provides lots of moisture.

Duration: 55 minutes
Price: € 93,-

This exclusive facial treatment has revitalizing, invigorating and relaxing effects. A special foam mask is absorbed into the skin with a tingling sensation. A face massage rounds off the treatment.

Pure Oxygen - Qxygen treatment with Hyaluron
Duration: 80 minutes (excl. cleansing)
Price: € 149,-
Duration: 100 minutes (incl. cleansing)
Price: € 170,-

With 98 % pure oxygen concentrate the exquisite active agents are embedded more intensive into the skin with the Oxygen Energy Applicator. The improved oxygen capacity immediately benefits the perfusion and stimulates the regeneration process of the skin.

La Biostéthique

Dermosthétique Hydro Actif Treatment
Duration:50 minutes
Price: € 82,-

Activates the regeneration of the skin with innovative ingredients and a unique combination of concentrated with hyaluronan. This treatment is supporting dehydrated skin in its repair process and is also suitbale for sensitive skin. For a lasting effect of the treatment, it is highly recommended to use suitable care products at home.

Dermosthétique Anti-Age
Duration: 80 minutes
Price: € 119,-

During a relaxing detoxmassage the skin is treated with a special combination of various sera. The Dermosthétique eye lifting with Patch Gel Liftant, the manupressure and the smoothing and relaxing hand massage complete this treatment.

Anti-Age de Luxe with Edition de Luxe
Duration: 80 minutes

Price: € 134,-

This treatment combines highest effectiveness for firm facial outlines with wellness treatments in a unique way. The regeneration of the skin is based on precious plantand flower-essences.

Dermosthétique Repair
Duration: 50 minutes
Price: € 85,-

This treatment is specially for reddened skin, facial erythrosis and sensitive skin. A combination of revitalizing massage with a special ice-cold massage-tool and normal massage that improves the microcirculation of the skin. Skin reddening is visibly reduced.

Detox Treatment
Duration: 50 minutes
Price: € 81,-

Discover a new and effective treatment for blemished skin. In combination with the fitting products of Méthode Clarifiante from La Biosthétique, which should be used at home, results are visible within short time.

Nail care

Duration: 1 hour Price: € 61,-
Duration: 1 hour Price: € 61,-
French Manicure
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes Price: € 70,-
French Pedicure
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes Price: € 70,-
Pedicure de Luxe with peeling, pack and varnish
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes Preis: € 95,-
Varnish only: 0,5 hours Price: € 16,-


Dyeing and shaping
Eyebrows and eyelashes: dyeing and shaping Price: € 29,-
Eyebrows: dyeing and shaping Price: € 17,-
Eyebrows: shaping only Price: € 8,-
Eyelashes: dyeing Price: € 13,-
Waxing (ladies)
Bikini line Price: € 26,-
Lower leg Price: € 41,-
Whole leg Price: € 61,-
Armpits Price: € 26,-
Upper lip Price: € 16,-
Waxing (men)
Price: € 54,-
Chest Price: € 33,-
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