Body treatments

Body treatments

Choose one of our full body-treatments, wraps or packs. For more information or appointments, please contact our Refugium-Team:

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Ligne St.Barth

Duration: 30 minutes Price: € 47,-

Relaxing papaya seed exfoliation massage for soft, silky and even skin: the fruit enzymes of fresh papayas, coconut and avocado oil and a special sea sand complex remove flakes of dead skin.

Duration: 1 hour Price: € 83,-

After a relaxing papaya seed exfoliation, pamper yourself with an avocado pack. This particularly moisturizing pack provides a visibly refined and silky complexion of the whole body.

Duration: 1,5 hours Price: € 114,-

After the papaya sea sand exfoliation, treat yourself to a little "time-out": the very gentle and relaxing "Harmony" full-body massage with ivy gel finds its conclusion with some tautening menthol oil and a rich body lotion of your choice.

Softpack recliner

Duration: 30 minutes Price: € 26,-

These release tensions and are hence especially suitable as preparation for massages.

„Haslauer“ Algae pack including exfoliation
Duration: 1 hour Price: € 81,-

Highly purifying and cleansing seaweed has a positive effect on the metabolism. It makes the skin soft and smooth. At the same time it has a detoxifying effect.

Evening primrose oil cream pack
Duration: 1 hour Price: € 78,-

incl. exfoliation After a full-body exfoliation, the creamy essence is applied to your body. You are wrapped into a soft fleece and "lowered". At a temperature of appr. 38°C, you can have a relaxed doze while the precious oil mixed with high-grade creams unfolds its effects. Recommended especially for dry skin.

Milk and Honey pack
Duration: 1 hour Price: € 78,-

incl. salt exfoliation Both milk and honey contain the vitamins A and E, which have a positive effect on the condition of the skin. In addition, the fatty acids contained in the milk have a calming and smoothing effect on the skin and are hence especially suitable for dry skin.


Fuhlendorf Perfect Body
Single treatment
(back thighs, bum)
Duration: 1 hour Price: € 108,-
Single treatment
((back and front thighs, bum)
Duration: 1,5 hours Price: € 162,-
Single treatment
(back and front thighs, bum and belly)
Duration: 2 hours Price: € 215,-

Special prices from 3 treatments

The cupping massage using small cupping glases makes the skin more taut. At the same time, wastes and toxins are removed. Via ultrasound, highly-concentrated special acitve ingredients are then sent inot the skin in a targeted manner. You will notice the difference after just one treatment: contours are sharper, the skin is tauter, and even small fat deposits can disappear throught this treatment.


Anti-Cellulite Contouring Treatment 
Single treatment
(belly, hip, thighs)
Duration: 55 minutes Price: € 92,--
Single treatment +
(belly, hip, thighs, upper arms)
Duration: 55 minutes
Price: € 113,--

Special price for 3 treatments

This specialized lower body  treatment is highly effective in targeting cellulite, improving circulation and hydrating the skin. The combination of expert products and techniques helps to eliminate toxins, smooth the skin’s texture and refine body contours.

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