A massage not only works the body, it also caresses the soul. Stress hormones are dissipated and endorphins, the body's natural well-being hormones, are released. For more information or appointments, please contact our Refugium-Team:

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Partial body massage
Duration: 20 minutes Price: € 32,-
Duration: 25 minutes Price: € 41,-
Duration: 30 minutes Price: € 47,-

St. Barth pampering massage
Duration: 40 minutes Price: € 63,-

A gentle full-body massage with oils from Ligne St. Barth

Full body massage
Duration: 50 minutes Price: € 68,-

Relaxation massage
Duration: 55 minutes Price: € 75,-

Gentle fulll-body massage including head and facial massage.

Facial massage
Duration: 30 minutes Price: € 41,-

Full body massage Balance Alpine 1000+
Duration: 50 minutes
Price: € 81,-

A special massage oil (warming or cooling) is applied in combination with the spagyric* active ingredients which have a particularly profound effect.

Alpine Wellness massage
Duration: 50 minutes
Price: € 81,-

This treatment uses naturopathic products from the region that draw from centuries of tradition. Choose from arnica, marmot oil or alpine herb balm.

Sport massage
Duration: 50 minutes  Price: € 81,-

Whether with warming or cooling sports oil, the sports massage alleviates or solves physical problems caused by the repetitive strain that some sports involve. It is based on the classic massage but uses additional techniques.

Combined Massage
 Duration: 50 minutes Price: 78,-

Combination of foot reflexology and partial-body massage.

Foot reflexology 
Duration: 40 minutes
Price: € 68,-

Thousands of bundles of nerve fibres connect the internal organs with the skin zones on our feet. This massage stimulates and positively affects the reflexology zones of the associated organs, muscles and joints.

"Fascinating Movement" Balance Alpine 1000+
Duration: 50 minutes price: € 81,-

“Fascinating movement” is a newly developed wellness treatment based on the most up to date results of sports medicine. It combines fascial treatment with classic massage techniques to ease tensions and adherences in the muscular system.

Lymph drainage
Duration: 40 minutes Price € 68,-
Duration: 55 minutes Price € 79,-

This very gentle massage technique stimulates and unblocks the lymphatic circulation. This method drains excess water and is often used for tear sacs, headaches and for the treatment of scars.

Facial lymph drainage
Duration: 30 minutes
Price: € 51,-

This gentle massage technique stimulates the lymphatic circulation and dissolves blockages. At the same time, this method has a drainage and relaxation effect.

Acupuncture massage
Duration: 40 minutes
Price € 68,-

This treatment (with sticks) supports an equilibrium of energy in the body and loosens blockades. Organ dysfunctions can be relieved softly.

Duration: 50 minutes
Price: € 81,-

A combination of classic massage and hot-stone treatment takes care of the entire back including the neck region. The warmth of the stones provide an intensive penetration, relaxes the musculature and enhances blood circulation. Persisting tensions are thus relieved and the body's pH balance is optimized.

Hot Stone
Duration: 80 minutes
Price: € 126,-

This massage uses naturally-formed basalt stones, which are heated to approx. 40°C-50°C. The deep penetration of the heat into the body increases the relaxing effects. Muscle cramps are relieved, and the oxygen flow to cells and the removal of waste materials is enhanced. At the same time, the psyche and the soul are relieved of stress and internal tensions. Well-being is increased and the internal balance is restored. This massage is also ideal for problems with joints, muscle ache, indigestion, and to enhance the lipid and tissue metabolism.

Shiatsu Classic
Duration: 55 minutes
Price € 91,-
Shen Shiatsu
Duration: 80 minutes
 Price € 126,-

This Japanese technique frees up energy blockades. Shiatsu literally means finger or thumb pressure. But in practice this technique can also be applied with the palm of the hand, the elbow, foot or knee on pressure points. Simple stretching, rotations and the aforementioned pressure activate vitality and the powers of self-healing. In addition, Shiatsu also includes techniques from physiotherapy and osteopathy and thus has a positive effect on problems with joints, spinal and back conditions, indigestion, etc Please wear comfortable sportswear.

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