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Wellness in your Sleep in the Krallerhof

Wellness in your Sleep

Wellness & Powersleeping in the Krallerhof

The concept of "Wellness in your Sleep" by the Best Wellness Hotels Austria combines the wellness thought with prevention, well-being and health maintenance. As is well known, this also includes healthy sleep. Accordingly, the association devotes itself to night-time rest – "Wellness in your Sleep" – in cooperation with sleep psychologist and sleep coach Günther Amann-Jennson.

In the Krallerhof, the Powersleeping rooms with their Samina sleeping system and high-grade natural furnishings guarantee a restful and regenerative sleep. Apart from the Powersleeping rooms, Wellness in your Sleep also means additional services such as measuring the nightly quality of sleep with the ZEO sleep measurement device Sleep Coach. This automatically assesses the nightly quality of sleep:

  • How long you sleep
  • How long you need to fall asleep
  • In which sleeping phase you are to what percentage
  • And many other insights

Price for the duration of your stay: € 49.00

Automatically included with the Powersleeping packages.

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