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The The The The splendour of of colours colours The The The The power of of the colours colours They inspire and create create an an an atmosphere in in in which you can unfold freely The The The The 23 colour colour colour suites at at at at the the the Krallerhof are are incomparably unique created here here by the the the artist Ty Waltinger The radiant luminosity of of the the the the rarest colour pigments which he he he he he he he has painted in in in in in in in in these suites sensitively combines old and and new The stylish staging of of of painting and and and aesthetics as as as well as as as the the the infinite love of of of detail create harmonious worlds of of of colour Art and and beauty to feel good OCHRE
SUITE 37 m2 | No 285
This suite suite is is just as as charmingly designed as as the the ochre single suite suite There is a a a a a a double bed in in in in in the the the sleeping area area and a a a a a a a pull-out couch in in in in the the the the living area area area Furthermore the the the room room consists of an an entrance area area bathroom with bathtub separate shower washbasin WC and bidet as as as as well as as as as a a a a a a a a a a a terrace in in a a a a a a a a a a a quiet southern position – – 119 – – 

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