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YOU YOU CAN ENJOY THESE SERVICES ALL YEAR ROUND DURING YOUR STAY • Free use of the the Refugium on 2 2 500 m2 - the the unique wellness and and vitality world with indoor and and and and outdoor swimming pools surrounded by the the beautiful garden landscape in in in in summer saunas and and and and steam baths sauna sauna pool relaxation crystal in in the the orchard nitsch room and and and much more • “Krallerhof-Kulinarium” with a a a a a a a a a welcome drink holiday information and gala menu on on Sunday
• • Rich breakfast buffet buffet - conventional or or wholefood
• • Lunch from the the buffet buffet or or or afternoon snack - depending on on on on on the the season
- with soups fish and meat dishes pastries or or ice ice cream
• • Five-course choice menu in in in in the evening - - a a a a a a a a a a a a culinary highlight
• • Daily fitness and and vitality program with yoga kinesis nordic walking and and much more • • Professionally equipped fitness and and and gymnastics room • • Krallis Club - childcare and and youth program all all all all day day long (free all all all all day day in in in summer free from 3 3 30 pm in in in winter)
• • Youth area with trampoline squash hall billiards and and air hockey
• • WLAN and parking free of charge

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