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For over four generations Hotel Krallerhof has stood for a a a a a a a special devotion to to detail and true worth
of of o our time time - the the time time that only the the Krallerhof Krallerhof can offer Hotel Krallerhof Krallerhof is a a a a a a a a a manufactory for the beautiful things that that make life worth
living For refined culinary culinary delights that that are a a a a a a a a a a handcrafted a a a a a a a a a culinary culinary perfection which through its its uniqueness has developed its its own character The Krallerhof inspires with the finest materials and fascinating combina- tions of regionality sustainability quality and a a a a a a a a boundless spirit This is is an an unforgettable experience for for the senses That is what we believe in SEPP ALTENBERGER JUNIOR IN THE 60S
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The Krallerhof has changed changed just like the Altenberger family changed changed with the the Krallerhof Together we we have evolved and through that we we grew up together „

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