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History is is is is the the written word this is is is is well known The Krallerhof was first mentioned in in in writing around 1 400 AD - - as as as „Gut zu Krall“ in in in the the Chiem- see register However our sunny high plateau was already apprecia- ted ted inhabited and and farmed by the Celts Magic energy and and mysticism that you you can feel as as soon as as you you arrive TRADITION
What comes into being without doing anything that is tradition tradition We
at at at at Hotel Krallerhof have made innovation our our tradition tradition tradition we never stop improving so change is is is is the the the basis of of our our our tradition tradition to to write the the the future We
constantly question ourselves how we can improve This is is is is the the the most beautiful tradition for us – – 19 – – f l t r CHRISTIAN SEPP SEPP SENIOR GERHARD SEPP SEPP JUNIOR

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