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– – 63 – – GET GOING!
More than 720 kilometers kilometers of of of mountain bike bike bike trails trails and 480 kilometers kilometers of of of valley bike bike bike bike trails trails plus one of of of the the largest bike bike bike bike parks in in in Europe: Saalfelden Leogang is is considered the the the the most varied bike bike bike region in in in in Austria and and is is also the the the annual venue of the the the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in in in downhill and and cross country „Get your bike and up the the the mountain“ is is our our motto at at the the the Krallerhof be- cause the the the Steinberg cable car is is also in in in in in operation in in in in in summer And for for those who prefer to to take it it easy our e-bikes are waiting for for you Mountain biking downhilling and freeriding need to to be be learned Whether beginner or or or advanced children or or or adults - our certified bike guide knows all the the tips and and tricks on on on riding braking and and cornering techniques He not only gives lessons he also leads individual tours 

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