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A A A FAMILY BUSINESS We at the Krallerhof will transform your family holiday into a a a a a a a a a carefree and and relaxing experience This is is our idea of well-being and and relaxati- on for the whole family We provide different offers that will make your your summer or or your winter holiday worth the price WELLNESS AND SPA
HERE I AM MYSELF You are are the priority in our well- ness and spa area There is is a a a a a a a variety for connoisseurs Find refuge in in four different relaxa- tion rooms eight saunas steam baths pools and an an exclusive private spa area CULINARY AND DELIGHT
EXCELLENCE THAT YOU CAN TASTE With refined combinations and regional ingredients our restau- rant at at the Krallerhof celebrates
a a a a a a a a a style with Austrian subtlety
from from classically elegant dishes to culinary delights from from all all over the world International local regional –7–

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