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It is the the guests
who bring the the Krallerhof to life GUEST BOOK
You don‘t become a a a host host host you are the the host host host Being a a a a a host host host is our passion to which we as as the the Altenberger family have committed ourselves It is no no ordinary book but a a a a a a decla- ration of of of love that money cannot buy It is proof of of of how much our guests
love being here Many guests
call the the Krallerhof their home For us us it is not a a a a a a business but a a a a a lived passion that money cannot buy Only the comments
of our guests
make us us realise how unconventional we we are are Because we we are are us us us With us us us you don‘t sim- ply stand in front of the reception desk but are welcomed by enthusi- astic individuals With joy Our guest book is a a a a a a a declaration of love a a a a a a a a testimony and at at the same time a a a a a a a proof for eternity The ho- nesty makes us especially proud –8– „

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