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Now is is always the the best time for regionalism With refined combinations and regional regional ingredients our restaurant at at at the the Krallerhof cultivates a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a style with Austrian finesse from from classically elegant dishes to culinary delights from from all all over the world International local regional FRESHLY BAKED
We keep our promise of fresh fresh bread bread And not only this Our two master bakers provide freshly baked bread bread every day A A A bakery manufacture that only exists in the Hotel Krallerhof A A real treat from handmade sweet pastry to freshly baked bread SELF-MADE HANDMADE WELL-MADE
Jams syrups and noodles are are also homemade Because we are are convin- ced: It simply tastes better And our pastry shop with its own chocolate- rie creates the Krallerhof chocolates 

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