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FULL FULL OF OF LOVE FULL FULL FULL OF OF OF FLAVOUR SIMPLY FULL FULL OF OF PLEASURE This is is is how food should be says our chef Hermann He He He likes to cook cook He He He is is is is passionately fond of cooking The creative freedom and the variety inspire him to cook cook He is is fascinated by how small things can have a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a big impact and create completely new creations He attaches particular importance to regionality freshness and and high quality - or or or or or as as he he he always says: „Freshness and and proper products are essential“ Accordingly our our kitchen team works with firstclass organic products from from from from the the region herbs and vegetables from from from from our our own garden lamb from from from from the the the Tauern mountains meat from from from from Salzburg‘s natural beef and and and local fish The mushrooms and and and blueberries - or as we say here: the the the schwammerl and and and the the mossbee - have been plucked by our little helpers from Leogang – – 98 – – 

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