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Emotional balance

Build resilience for the future.

Between 01/07 and 31/08/2024 our selected lectures on emotional balance with the wingwave method will take place every Monday to Wednesday and Friday. Wingwave coaching is offered by more than 9,000 coaches in over 40 countries. wingwave coaching optimises performance and creative ability through reliable stability of emotional and mental balance - especially in challenging and demanding situations. Even fears can be transformed into confidence, enthusiasm and determination.

This programme is for you if you

  • Want to deal better with challenges and strengthen your "emotional muscles"
  • Want to develop strategies for dealing with stress and pressure
  • Want to strengthen interpersonal relationships by better understanding your emotions
  • Learn to positively influence your thoughts and feelings
  • Achieve your goals by understanding your feelings instead of letting them get in the way
  • Want to lead a more fulfilling and balanced life
  • Achieve emotional balance in your professional and personal performance
  • Want to better regulate your emotional states


Mental coaching is also known colloquially as "instructions for the brain".
Because the brain often gets lost in the chaos of thoughts.

Do you have any questions about the Emotional Balance programme or would you like to find out more about the content and our experts? Please feel free to contact Michaela Altenberger directly at michaela.a@krallerhof.com.



  • Between 1 July and 31 August, our selected lectures on emotional balance with the Wingwave method will take place every Monday to Wednesday. (Please note that this retreat will be held in German)
  • Workshops free of charge for the whole family
  • 1:1 coaching with the trainer is possible by separate arrangement
  • "Bonus programme KKH" (Kaufmännische Krankenkasse Hamburg): Members of this health insurance company receive a refund for a wingwave coaching session
  • Please book in advance via urlaub@krallerhof.com



Our wingwave experts


Graduate psychologist and co-founder of the wingwave coaching method. Business coach, business teaching coach. Author of numerous psychology guides - especially on the subject of emotion and stress management.


Graduate psychologist, co-founder of the wingwave coaching method. Business coach Business teaching coach. Expert in performance confidence. Author of numerous psychology guides.


Business psychologist and co-developer of wingwave coaching, specialising in "wingwave Young" for pupils and students as well as leadership and resilience coaching. Author of numerous psychology guides.


Former Bundesliga player (over 100 professional games), doctor of economics. NLP coach and NLP trainer. Psychosocial counsellor.

Steffen SCHUH

wingwave trainer & coach. Change Management Operator in an internationally operating craft enterprise. Specialist consultant and crisis intervention worker/peer for psychosocial emergency care (PSNV), a large aid organisation in Saarland (Germany). Specialisms: Coaching for high stress, business and leadership.

Reinhard WIRTZ

Director of the Feel Free Academy and the wingwave centre in Munich. Expert in self-determination and personal freedom. Systemic coach and trainer for mindfulness and stress management.


International systematic coach and trainer for leadership & mindful performance, wingwave® trainer, wingwave® coach, resilience trainer, health educator for stress regulation. 


Educator, NLP teacher trainer, wingwave® teacher trainer, certified life and social counselor with a focus on integrative emotion coaching, systemic constellation facilitator.


Expert in child and youth coaching, wingwave & wingwave Young Coach and Magic Word Trainer. Former Financial Controller at Siemens AG, Anti-Burnout & Resilience Coach based on individual psychology, Nature-Mental & Nature-Resilience Trainer.


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