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Art at Krallerhof

A walk for the eyes! At the Krallerhof you will discover almost 500 works of art by renowned Austrian and international artists throughout the hotel. They all allow us to change our perspective, enrich us with imagination, challenge us or provide inspiration. For us, art is far more than just decorative interior design. We value its creative power, because it often manages to unleash new ideas and be a source of development.

Favorite works of art

Mountain picture
Helene Maria Schorn
56. Malaktion
Hermann Nitsch
Siegmund Eckert
Etch engraving
Helmut Rosin

"I was born with a passion for art. My father was an aesthete, he was interested in art, design and exceptional pieces of craftsmanship all through his life." 
- Gerhard Altenberger -

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