Longevity & Biohacking Retreat

Refugium Refugium

Longevity & Biohacking Retreat

Discover the key to a fulfilling life full of vitality and well-being

Date: 9th to 13th of June 2024

In an era in which the desire for a long and healthy life is constantly increasing, we are asking ourselves a fundamental question: how can we not only increase the years of our lives, but also significantly improve the quality of life within those years?


Sunday: Arrival and getting in the mood
  • 3.00 pm: Arrival and a warm welcome. Check in to sleep-optimized rooms. 
  • 5.00 pm: Welcome round by Michaela Altenberger, Andreas Breitfeld and Max Gotzler. Presentation of the retreat concept and discussion of individual goals.
  • 7.30 pm: Dinner
Monday: Basics of longevity
  • 8.00 am: Morning rituals: yoga and breathwork to promote mental clarity and physical vitality.
  • 10.00 am: Workshop: "The Science of Longevity" - Optional: Creating personalised longevity plans based on previously collected data.
  • Afternoon: Individual health analyses and treatments (IHHT, cold chamber, red light therapy, IV therapy).
  • 5.00 pm: Group activity: "Connecting and sharing" - sharing experiences and promoting a sense of community.
  • 8.30 pm: Guided evening relaxation and meditation.
Tuesday: Body and mind in harmony
  • 8:00 am: Morning ritual and workshop: "Optimising body and mind" with Max Gotzler and Andreas Breitfeld. Insight into biohacking technologies and their treatments.
  • Afternoon: Practical sessions focussing on mental health.
  • 5.00 pm: Introduction to the importance of rituals and their influence on well-being.
  • 8.30 pm: Yoga and sound healing session to encourage deep relaxation.
Wednesday: Connection with nature
  • 08.00 am: Nature-related activities: Hike, lake bathing and grounding exercises in the surroundings of the Krallerhof.
  • Afternoon: Workshops on nutritional strategies and the use of superfoods and medicinal mushrooms for longevity.
  • 5.00 pm: Outdoor breathing workshop to improve regeneration and stress management.
  • 8.30 pm: Shared campfire and exchange: discussion about the journey to personal optimisation.
Thursday: Integration and conclusion
  • 08.00 am: Morning activity: Consolidation of what has been learnt through a guided meditation and reflection.
  • 10.00 am.: Final workshop: "Integrating what you have learnt into everyday life" - developing practical tips and strategies for yourself
  • 01.30 pm: Closing ceremony: lunch, reflection and farewell. Collecting feedback and testimonials.
Special features:
  • Personalised approaches: Through pre-collected data and individual health analyses, each participant is offered a tailored plan.
  • Transformative experiences: By integrating yoga, breathwork and cultural elements, the programme becomes a holistic experience.
  • Community and exchange: Group activities and joint sessions promote exchange and a sense of community.
  • Expert knowledge: Workshops and lectures by Michaela Altenberger, Andreas Breitfeld and Max Gotzler, including practical treatments of biohacking technologies.
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This retreat is for you if you:

  • Want to discover the latest biohacking technologies.
  • Want to develop better routines for a long & healthy life.
  • Enrich your diet with high-quality supplements.
  • Want to recharge your batteries in a power place in nature.
  • Experience deep relaxation through breathing exercises, sound healing and meditation.
  • Receive professionally supervised tests to determine your health status.
  • Want to make new connections with like-minded people.



  • 4 nights including breakfast, afternoon snack and dinner
  • Breakfast until 11.30 am: healthy, varied and local
  • Snack time in the afternoon: soups, savoury snacks, fresh cakes
  • Five-course evening menu: daily culinary highlight
  • Workshop and lectures by experts (Please note that this retreat will be held in German)
  • Presentation and testing of supplements and other biohacking products
  • 2x cold chamber applications
  • 2x red light treatments
  • 1x IHHT




  • Early bird price until 12 May: € 2.622,-* per participant
  • Regular price: € 2.913,-* per participant


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*Price per person / stay in a double room Fürstenhof. This offer can be booked in alternative room categories at an extra charge.

Optional additional services:

Holistic health & longevity check with expert advice
  • A blood sample taken during the retreat will be analysed in detail. The results form the basis for a personal consultation via Zoom with Andreas Breitfeld or Max Gotzler. Values tested: Essential biomarkers, including amino acids, fatty acids, hormones, minerals and vitamins.
  • Price: € 700,- + 450 Euro (90 minutes) for the Zoom analysis
IV therapy for vitality
  • Treatment Description: Conducted by the Health Performance Institute from Innsbruck. Revitalisation by IV therapy, which is specially designed to intensively hydrate the body and supply it with essential nutrients.
  • Ingredients: Mixture of vitamin B complex, vitamin B12, vitamin C, zinc and magnesium.
  • Price: € 400,-
IV-Therapie für den Stoffwechsel
  • Treatment Description: Specially formulated IV therapy that provides cells with an energy boost. This therapy supports tissue growth, repair and enhances both physical and mental performance.
  • Ingredients: A synergistic combination of vitamin B complex, vitamin B12, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium and essential amino acids, supplemented with tryptophan, taurine and glutathione.
  • Price: € 600,-
IV-Therapie für Langlebigkeit: NAD+
  • Treatment Description: NAD+ IV therapy to increase vitality, promote mental clarity and improve overall well-being. This therapy supports cellular regeneration and activates your body's full potential.
  • Price: € 600,- for 500 mg

Do you have any questions about the retreat or would you like to find out more about the content and our experts?

Please feel free to contact Michaela Altenberger (project manager) directly at michaela.a@krallerhof.com.



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