History & Family

Refugium Refugium

since 1956

Anyone who has the panorama of the Leoganger Steinberge mountains as a backdrop can feel how much power is at work here. Our family has grown up with this energy and we have been diving headfirst into exciting worlds with this energy for three generations. This is how a traditional farm became a 5-star hotel that is surprisingly different: bold, full of character, cosmopolitan and locally rooted.

Roots and visions

We look back on our history with gratitude and pride. We value it as a legacy, but above all as an incentive. We are grounded and yet prepared to take great leaps for our visions. Every detail of the Krallerhof is a clear statement for the present and the future. Taking the next step with a pioneering spirit, long before it seems obvious. Higher, faster, further? We are much more focused on being more conscious, higher quality and more remarkable.


We are the Altenberger family. A large group with diverse personalities, united under one roof across three generations. You don't become a host, you are a host - this philosophy characterizes our daily activities and existence.

It motivates us to continuously develop innovative concepts and fresh ideas - all with the aim of inspiring you over and over again.

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