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Real experiences. Quiet luxury. Impressive nature.

You can find all this here at the Hotel Krallerhof. For four generations, the talents and values of our family have flowed into the Krallerhof, making it an extraordinary and unique place. We are delighted when you are impressed. Inspired. Touched by the landscape, the architecture, the art and the people at Krallerhof. Everything together will touch your heart and leave a vivid memory. As a longing to come back.

Respect and

Nature is our home. At Krallerhof, we believe in its wisdom and strength. We preserve and protect it for future generations. Sustainability is therefore neither a job nor a task - but an honor. Supporting regional cycles, planting 700 trees and a spa that only needs to be heated for two months of the year are just a small part of it. We always realize our plans and visions with care, responsibility and in harmony with nature. This is the only way we want to be human beings and hosts at the Krallerhof.

Ambience and atmosphere

The Krallerhof likes lasting impressions. Shy and off the rack? Creativity is much more beautiful! Whether in the rooms and suites or in the house - our interior dares to stand out and creates a special ambience. Noble and rustic materials go hand in hand and meet perfect craftsmanship. Bold colors and unusual details define our style. Exclusive and surprisingly different.

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